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If you thought that a bottle of champagne and flowers are the best thing you could give to your loved one for Valentine’s Day, you were wrong. If you two are married or in a long relationship, the thing you both truly need is a weekend getaway. There are so many romantic destinations across the globe and with the help of modern transportation, you can get to any spot on the planet in a matter of hours. If you haven’t traveled much before, then you are probably wondering where exactly to fly out for Valentine’s Day. Well, the destination definitely has to be romantic and the whole trip has to be an adventure, so any of the following 4 locations fit the bill perfectly.

Talamore Golf Resort

Unfortunately, you are not going to just sleep through the mini-vacation, so there should an activity at the site that you both can enjoy in. Sports are an ideal pastime but not extreme ones, rather slow sports, such as golf. There are so many golf courses around the world that are located at the most beautiful of places but when it comes to romantic getaways, then Talamore Golf Resort in North Carolina, USA is the ideal destination. It offers various attractive courses and candlelight dinners in the club restaurant. Just make sure your partner is passionate about golf, or any other sport, as much as you are.


There is nothing more romantic than a sandy beach on some far away island in the Pacific. The island archipelago of Hawaii offers much more than white sand beaches and pristine waters as its hotel industry have been in operation for nearly a century. It is everyone’s favorite; especially newlyweds like to go there, so the local hoteliers know how to make this clientele feel comfortable. There are hula nights at the local bars and each visitor is greeted with a flower wreath around their neck. You can take advantage of this perk since it takes only 5 hours from the US mainland and some 9 hours from Australia to get to Hawaii.

Flying in

As we mentioned earlier, airlift is the best option to reach your dream destination, as there is little romance in driving a car for a whole day or sitting in a stuffy bus for hours on end. Even if there are no commercial flights to the destination of your choice, you can always rent a charter, like the ones operated by Air Charter Network who have flown countless celebrities to their respective destinations. You can get a piece of this exclusivity because a charter means that not will you get to your final destination faster, as there are no connection flight and lengthy layover, but you will have privacy all the time. The romance can start right there on the plane, miles high.

Sydney (city) getaway

Now that you have the whole world as your playground thanks to charters, you can pick any city on the planet to spend Valentine’s Day there. If you live a cold region, and February is a winter month, then you can consider flying to Sydney for this holiday. Besides the usually sightseeing around the Sydney Harbor area and the world-famous Opera House, where you can have photos taken for your Instagram followers, there are quite a lot of romantic things you can do as well. There are numerous beachside resorts that offer a romantic experience of a lifetime and restaurant in the nearby hills where you can dine overlooking the entire Port Jackson Bay on the shores of which Sydney lies, beautifully illuminated at night.

Whichever destination you choose in the end, don’t forget to unwind and enjoy this quality time with your partner. After all, isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about?

Bali is one of the most beautiful places on Earth that you can visit. It’s affordable and there are loads of things to do, all the while looking like something straight from a storybook. The mesmerizing villas, the fine sand and the clean waters completed with the slightest refreshing breeze are all enough to make anyone never want to leave. For the best experience, navigating this piece of heaven is essential.

1. When to go?

Depending on the type of activity you’re most interested in, the times of your ideal visit can vary. If you’re looking for good weather and just want to relax on your holiday, go between April and October. There’s little rain and a lot of opportunity for sunbathing, swimming, and relaxing on the beach.

If you’re more into having an active holiday, sightseeing and outdoor activities favor May to September. The weather is driest, so it’s easier to explore the island.

2. What to do?

From lounging on a tropical beach to exploring the untouched nature- Bali offers it all. Regardless of what you’re looking for you’re bound to find it here. Kuta is the highlight of the social season, allowing you to mingle with tourists and locals alike. It’s a good destination for families and solo travelers because there’s always something new to see and explore.

Solo travelers should also visit Seminyak and Ubud if they’re looking to get a taste of sophistication and culture. These places, especially Ubud, are known for their beautiful rice fields, mesmerizing waterfalls, and numerous yoga retreats. This can be the start of your intrinsic journey which will surely help you discover much about yourself and regain that lost connection we should all nurture. After all, discovering your soul is the true blessing of traveling alone.

Couples can opt for Jimbaran if they’re looking to enjoy the sun and local seafood away from wandering eyes. Nusa Dua is also a good option as it has a lot of secluded restores and calm beaches, ideal for any new couple in need of comfort and more privacy; or for an old one looking to rekindle their romance.

3. Where to stay?

Accommodation is something you should definitely do extensive research on before traveling to Bali. Your whole trip could be a swing and a miss if you can’t enjoy your accommodation as much as the rest of the place. Depending on whether you’re traveling alone, with family, friends, or with a lover, there are several options. Of course, there are a few other variables like the places you’re going and your budget.

There are various hotels that are affordable and convenient for groups and families, especially in places like Ubud and Nusa Dua. If you’re with a group but want something different, you can try looking for a Yoga retreat or look to Bali Villa Escapes for renting a beautiful villa. This is also a good idea for couples, as it allows you to enjoy each other in the privacy and romance only a well-decorated and peaceful villa can offer.

Solo and backpacking tourist should look into other options such as camping sites or budget hotels. You may also want to check into a retreat if you’re traveling alone as this is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and maybe even lifelong friends.

4. How long should you stay?

The length on your holiday should depend on the number of visits you’ve had to Bali already. If it’s your first time going, perhaps it’s best to stay up to a week. There are a lot of things to do in Bali, and staying less than seven days won’t allow you to experience anything. On the other hand, if you stay for two or three weeks at a time, you’ll probably discover all there is be done with the place.

Seven days is the perfect balance between too short and too long. It allows you to get the taste of the best in Bali while giving you the opportunity to come back and discover more. You won’t be fed up with the place, either, but you’ll have enough time to relax and step out of the ordinary. Moderation is key to everything in life and the case is the same when it comes to having the perfect holiday.


As you can see, Bali truly does offer an adventure of a lifetime. Whether you choose to go with your friends, family, or significant other, one thing is for sure- you won’t be disappointed. Traveling is the thing that helps us grow and develop as people, and traveling to Bali is an experience we’ll always remember and cherish due to the numerous opportunities for growth and relaxation. Your journey from within starts now- from Bali to the center of your being.

Moving to a new city can be exciting and worrying at the same time. And when you do it with your family, those sentiments heighten. After all, Sydney is a popular Australian city with almost five million inhabitants and millions of tourists each year.

These numbers make people think very carefully about which neighborhood would be the perfect fit for their family. So, if you are facing this dilemma, here is how to choose the right place in Sydney to move to with your family.

1. Do some research

Go on the Internet and start doing a comprehensive research. Look for the topics that include a detailed description of Sydney suburbs and people’s recommendations. Try to find as many information as you can on the neighborhoods that made it to the shortlist. Look for the safety issues, parks and schools in the areas that will help you decide to move your family there.

If you know someone in Australia, ask them for an opinion and recommendations as well. It’s always the best to ask locals for advice and it will also help you to figure out prices of real estate. Additionally, see what you can expect from a legal standpoint in order to prepare everything for a smooth transition.

2. Find the right schools

If you have kids, this means that you will have to think about schools. Now, the education system varies from country to country, so be prepared for this as well. Australia’s school education only slightly varies from state to state and between territories.

Primary school lasts seven or eight years and starts in the Kindergarten with the Preparatory level. The secondary school has three or four years, which are referred to as Years 7 to 10 or 8 to 10. And in the end, there is the senior secondary school which lasts for two years which are called Years 11 and 12.

Schools’ official language is English, although some offer bilingual programs for foreign students. When it comes to studying in Sydney, the city offers a variety of high-end colleges and universities recognized globally. With the Australian Qualifications Framework, students can move easily from one study level to another, and even change institution to fulfill their academic desires.

3. Consider house sitting

While renting and buying are the obvious options for your family, think about the third one as well. House sitting appeared on the market as a viable and affordable alternative that might help you find your bearing in Sydney. This way you can save for a deposit to buy a home for your family, or save up some money to rent the perfect place.

In most cases, you won’t have to pay the bills as well so this does sound like an ideal option for those who are not financially ready to rent or buy. Additionally, this is a reasonable solution if you need to be in Sydney at a certain period and you still haven’t sold your home to buy a new one. So, include this into your research as well.

4. Hire a reliable real estate agent

A good real estate agent can save you a lot of trouble, stress, and money. However, to choose the one that best fits your needs is a process. There are a lot of quality real estate agents Sydney has to offer and it may take some time to pick the one.

This is also a perfect time to rely on recommendations and online reviews, but check the realtor’s social profile and business page as well. Conduct series of video calls to interview the potential real estate agencies and narrow the list of candidates. This is a process, so take your time if you can.

Once you choose the real estate agent, give them all the information they will need to find you a perfect home. It’s best to even go a little bit overboard with demands, but also prepared to pay more for it as well. The real estate agent will help you with bureaucracy as well by recommending a property solicitor and informing you about the details.

5. Pay attention to commuting options

Sydney is a city of five million citizens, but it has well-developed commuting network and schedule. The city suburbs are well connected between themselves and the downtown with numerous lines. However, the traffic jams still happen and commute time may take longer.

This means there is a big decision ahead of you since you have to think about the distance to work and schools at the same time. Your real estate agent will help you come to the best decision, but if you come from the smaller city this can be overwhelming. Just like in any metropolis in the world.

All in all

Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities with a fusion of different cultures and traditions. Moving there may seem like a handful, but once you choose the right neighborhood for your family, you will see the benefits. After all, every move to a different place is challenging for a family but also manageable.